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Nick Fogle

Nick Fogle

Nick Fogle lives to solve impossible technical challenges. A full stack engineer with a rich background in business, law, and behavioral economics, Nick is obsessed with learning. At age 10 he built his first website. At 13 he taught himself conversational Russian.

While studying at the London School of Economics, he led a team of international students researching RFID technology for eCommerce supply chain management. Nick went to law school, passed the bar, and became an attorney only to realize that writing computer code was much more enjoyable than writing legal code, so he traded in the suit and re-embraced his programmer roots. While Nick no longer practices law in the traditional sense, he maintains his law license and stays up-to-date on developments in cyber security, HIPAA, and IP law.

During his tenure at Blackbaud, Nick served in various technical leadership roles. As a lead developer, Nick designed and developed web applications for some of the organization’s largest enterprise clients. He also created training curricula and led advanced development workshops for external engineering staff. After Blackbaud, Nick joined a team of super-hackers at Fount Studio as a senior fullstack engineer. In 2015, Nick cofounded Wavve, Inc. where he currently serves as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

When not writing code or exploring new tech, he enjoys watching reruns of Jeopardy, trading stocks, and the ancient art of bonsai.

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