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Vernon Kesner

Vernon Kesner

Vernon Kesner is a Front-End Architect for Ally Financial, and has helped lead and develop the workflow and technical client-side strategy behind the award winning ally.com. In addition, he was one of the few key strategic thought leaders behind the responsive redesign and also the modular way in which content is structured within the CMS. Vernon is passionate about User Experience and the end-to-end process that brings it to fruition. His experience in the Enterprise has given him a unique perspective on Front-end strategy, workflow, and team organization.

Since 2002, Vernon has continually grown and excelled in our industry. Starting out, he freelanced full-time for nearly 8 years before joining the development team at Ally in 2010. In 2012, Vernon briefly left Ally to assume the role of Senior Trainer for appendTo. There, he developed training curriculum as well as deliver Front-end training for Fortune 500 companies, Conference workshops, and more. In 2013, Vernon returned to Ally as Developer Advocate, where he continues now as a Front-End Architect.

When there’s time, Vernon loves spending time on PatternGuide, a workflow tool and living style guide generator. The ability to curate UI components into living, breathing, Design Systems that can be shared across teams and entire Enterprises is a key passion for Vernon. PatternGuide is being developed in an effort to enhance developer productivity, increase cross-discipline collaboration efforts, and create a well-structured and maintainable pattern library.

More important than all of this, Vernon is a husband and father to three awesome kids (not so much kids anymore). He lives, works and plays in and around Charlotte, NC.

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