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Build a Lunch-Picking iPhone App With React Native

Have you wanted to build iPhone apps for years but didn’t have the time to learn Swift, or even worse, Objective-C? Have you been terrified of Xcode to the point that you bought an Android just to code with Java? And most importantly, are you tired of fighting with your significant other about where you should go eat lunch?

Let’s solve all of those problems in 45 minutes! We will build a deployable, fully functional, iPhone native app accessible without $100 apple developer credentials, and do it all live. We’ll learn react-native and the Expo IDE to get setup, we’ll learn about Apple Maps and Foursquare API, and we’ll learn about best practices so you can go home and build your own iPhone app.

Some knowledge of React will be expected. ​

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May 18, 2017 at 2:30 pm

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