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Offline First Application Development with PouchDB

You’re in an airplane at 30000 feet, your train enters a tunnel, you lose your cell tower. Your app still works, right? An offline first mindset will help your applications behave reliably even when the network isn’t.

PouchDB is a database that runs in the web browser. Your app can save changes locally, even when the network goes missing. Pouch and its server-side brother CouchDB work together to provide two-way synchronization.

Changes saved to PouchDB eventually are sync’d to CouchDB, when the network is available. Throw in multiple clients synchronizing to the same Couch database and you have the ability to build collaborative applications.

Learn the basics behind building an offline first application that syncs using PouchDB, CouchDB, and ReactJS.

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May 18, 2017 at 9:00 am

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