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Serverless Framework: Automated AWS Lambda + API Gateway Using Node.js

Microservices are widely adopted these days with a variety of deployment techniques, ranging from hosting code on bare metal, hosting on Platform-as-a-Service applications, to running dockerized containers on the cloud. There is another paradigm that is becoming more prevalent as AWS Lambda becomes more commonplace and that is Serverless.

AWS Lambda provides auto-scaling on applications, event driven programs by hooking into Amazon’s messaging queues, along with having the ease connecting to one of many storage opportunities provided by Amazon. However, this is not without it’s drawbacks, deploying and updating code on AWS Lambda is nothing short of a hassle, debugging and logging locally could be better.

These shortcomings are where the Serverless Framework steps in, with automated deployments, creating and updating DynamoDB tables, local execution of functions in Lambda context which allows for automated tests and CloudWatch logging right in the terminal. This and setting up an API Gateway along will be the topics covered in this talk.

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May 19, 2017 at 8:30 am

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