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WordPress As An Application Foundation

Building on WordPress as an application foundation is oft-discussed in the WordPress community.  Finding people that have done it and are willing to share what they’ve learned is another matter entirely.  During this session, Lance Cleveland will share what he has learned when deciding to build their new SaaS on top of WordPress.

This is an interactive session where we will discuss the multiple facets of building a fully functional application on top of WordPress.  We will discuss the business, development, and information services viewpoints.  There are a lot of details to consider when deciding to embrace such a large application stack as the basis for a new web service.

Some of the topics we will touch upon include:

  • Time savings at each phase of development.
  • Constraints of working in and around the WordPress application.
  • Benefits of having pre-defined libraries and UI components.
  • Flexibility of WordPress as a foundation.
  • Extensibility of WordPress both internally and via exposed services.
  • Scalability of the application.

The session will also touch on multiple facets of the development of a web application.

Session Requirements

A rudimentary understanding of concepts including web application components such as Access Controls, User Experience implementation, REST, scalability, data stores and similar topics will be helpful for following along.

Session Information

May 18, 2017 at 11:00 am

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