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Build, Debug and Deploy your first Serverless Chatbot

Conversational interfaces through text and voice with are rapidly becoming more mainstream. With cloud based deep learning technologies, you can add compelling voice
and chat interfaces to mobile devices, web apps, and easily publish your chatbots to Facebook Messenger, Twilio and Slack.

This session will explain how to build a fully functional chatbot with multiple frontends using a serverless cloud backend. Attendees will learn the key components required for building chatbots integrated with text, voice, and response cards, and will gain foundational skills for enriching applications with natural, conversational interfaces.

The session we will discuss the choice of technologies, development tools and debugging techniques and will use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to demo and build a chatbot. Additionally,
the session will demo how to processing conversations and triggering corresponding actions in a serverless backend systems as well as, how to export chatbot functionality
between Alexa skillset.

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June 8, 2018 at 10:35 am

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