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Down The Rabbit Hole: An Adventure in Legacy Code

Legacy code is ubiquitous. Learning early how to work with and improve it is essential for junior developers who want to hone their craft. More experienced developers often have the ability to search and read through legacy code efficiently, and improve the code they touch. This makes their changes look effortless and elegant.

Working effectively with legacy code does not have to be only something seriously experienced developers know how to do. Understanding the patterns to expect in legacy code and how to address them can help junior developers when dealing with, what may appear to be, jumbled up spaghetti code.

Having worked on two decade-old legacy codebases, I’ve been able to see experienced developers in action and develop my own skills when working with legacy code. Furthermore, this experience has helped me develop as a junior developer and as a software craftsman, and I believe my experience and insights can help others also.

This talk will not only help budding developers, however. Experienced developers will also get something from this talk too. This talk contains good content for people who are growing, as well as for those more experienced developers that are helping other developers grow.

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