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GraphQL at Massive Scale: GraphQL as the Glue in IBM’s Microservice Architecture

How do you hunt down a data source among 30+ teams on 6 continents in a microservice architecture where docs are at the bottom of the priority list and requirements are in constant state of flux? GraphQL is solving complex data problems for IBM at global scale — with a surprisingly simple solution.

In this talk, you’ll learn how GraphQL helped us to:

  • painlessly consolidate dozens of disjointed REST APIs into a single, easily explorable, well-documented service
  • standardize and set sane defaults for notoriously finicky implementation details like caching and authorization
  • boost front-end perceived load times by 30x for some of our heaviest pages, and actual load time by 2.5x
  • massively improve the developer experience by removing bottlenecks, improving documentation, and simplifying data access
  • gain incredibly fine-grained insight into how data is used inside the platform, both by microservices and users
  • and more!

It’s no surprise that the addition of GraphQL was exciting for front- and back-end developers. What is surprising is the level of excitement from higher-ranking executives in the company, as well as managers, designers, and team leads. Come listen to the story of how GraphQL was a win for everyone that helped revive a sluggish UI, accelerate innovation and experimentation, and improve code quality — at massive scale.

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