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WebVR: Virtual Reality on the Web for Everyone

WebVR is the future of the Internet. Imagine building a VR experience with just a few lines of HTML! This talk introduces WebVR, covers the capabilities exposed to modern day web browsers through WebVR and A-Frame, and highlights UI/UX design considerations when transitioning to this new paradigm.

WebVR merges Virtual Reality (VR) with the web browser by allowing developers to transform flat 2D websites into immersive VR experiences. This new paradigm has the potential to change the way we market, advertise brands, and visualize data in VR applications. Although industry pioneers have worked hard to give non-developers the tools to create simple VR experiences, WebVR and A-Frame open up complex VR worlds to web savvy developers.

Developers can create truly immersive VR experiences by just writing a few lines of HTML and JavaScript. Even the deployment model of WebVR allows more content to reach more people than traditional models. The transition to this new paradigm also requires thoughtful consideration around the user experience. During this talk, attendees crack open the code for CodeVR, which allows developers to visualize and “fly” through source code in a VR experience.

Attendees walk away with knowledge to build their own WebVR experiences.

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June 7, 2018 at 2:30 pm

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