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Josh Weaver

Josh Weaver landed his first professional developer gig at SnapCapital (Charleston, SC) in the fall of 2016. He started out as a Jr Front-end Developer, but after realizing that there was way more backend work that needed doing, and tired of waiting for things to get done, he rolled up his sleeves and dove into Node.js and backend API development.

He has been working with serverless, microservices, and AWS Lambda for nearly a year. Through an acquisition of SnapCapital in the fall of 2017, Josh is now a Software Engineer II at LendingTree (based in Charlotte, NC, but with an office in Charleston).

Josh has a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has previously worked as a research scientist for the US Army Research Office and was at one time a professional brewer (of beer). He is a huge fan of Run the Jewels, but has only seen them live once. Josh also loves dogs, javascript, bourbon, and long walks on the beach (not always in that order).

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