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Noelle Knight

Noelle Knight is a Front End Developer at The Lukens Company, and relatively new to the tech world. After completing a stint in the Peace Corps in the Caribbean; followed by a couple years of expat life as a yoga teacher in St. Vincent.

Noelle relocated to DC and learned to become a software developer in 2016. She currently works for a digital agency creating applications for art, cultural and political organizations. She is passionate about making sites look good and work well using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Noelle is interested in seamless UI/UX, clean CSS and jQuery. She is also an advocate for female empowerment in tech and accessibility for people who want to learn to code. She mentors at her current company, helping people who are interested in learning programming.

Away from her computer, she loves running, reading, cooking and eating. Her favorite thing to do is hold hypothetical conversations about what people would do in the zombie apocalypse.

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