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Zach Roof

Zach Roof started his tech journey in an “unfortunate” predicament: he was bedridden for 6 months due to a lack of healthcare insurance.  Instead of dwelling on the difficulty of the situation, he went on a learning journey of a lifetime.

After teaching himself to code (and gaining a position as a Full Stack Developer), Zach’s curiosity led him to Web Application Security and a position as a Senior DevOps/Security Engineer at Snag.

Outside of his current Snag role, Zach provides security consulting and runs Charleston’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) Meetup.  Zach is also incredibly passionate about teaching and recently created the online school Securing The Stack. Securing The Stack’s mission is to provide concise, developer focused Cyber security tutorials.

Outside of tech, Zach has gravitated towards the sea life and currently lives on his sailboat, Aspera.  In addition to looking for treasure, Zach’s mission is to make sure that Aspera DOES NOT fill with seawater. (Unfortunately, this has been a previous issue.)

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