Syntax – the set of rules and principles that define the combinations of symbols that are considered to be a correctly structured document or fragment in a language.

For programming, the document represents the source code. For markup languages, the document represents data.

What is Syntax Conference?

The Syntax Conference – more commonly referred to as ‘SyntaxCon’ – is the premiere Full Stack Conference in the Southeast USA. The conference is focused on fostering ongoing education among the developer community and provides language-agnostic sessions and talks across 3 main tracks:

  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Innovation (IoT, mobile development, and more).

Web Developers working with different frameworks, libraries and languages will certainly be required to use JavaScript professionally. The event brings together developers, both established and new, to discuss ideas, collaborate, network and socialize.

Why Attend?

  • Master essential techniques and advanced tips to scale and optimize your systems and/or applications for trouble-free, time-saving performance
  • Learn techniques you can use to write great code
  • Discover the advantages of using code that you can get your hands on, instead of wondering what other people have built into it, and for what purposes
  • Learn how to ensure that your code is really secure—don’t take someone else’s word for it
  • Learn how to increase productivity and lower the cost of deployment, from databases to cloud computing
  • Hear about to the most promising new projects, services, languages and tools
  • Receive hype-free guidance to help your business build a solid footing for future success

Attendee Policy

One of our key goals for SyntaxCon is to provide an inclusive and welcoming experience for all participants. To that end, we have a code of conduct that we require all attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and staff to comply with, no exceptions.

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