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Announcing Syntax Convention: May 6-7, 2016

We’re excited to announce the debut of SyntaxCon – the programmer’s code and craft convention slated for May 6-7 of 2016. SyntaxCon is an application developer conference with a focus on current and emerging mobile, front-end & back-end development, frameworks, standards and tools for tomorrow’s enginerds.

This is the event to level up your skill set, witness product launches, project announcements and good old-fashioned networking: whether you’re looking to recruit, to promote your product or just to soak in the content, you need to be at SyntaxCon 2016.

Talks and Sessions

Developers rarely work with one language, framework or platform – so a developer event shouldn’t assume that one build fits all.

Syntax Convention is focused on fostering ongoing education among the developer community and will provide talks across 4 main areas: Mobile, Front-End, Back-End and Platforms (content management systems, cloud-hosted services and infrastructure).

syn·tax – the arrangement of words, phrases and rules to create well-formed sentences in a language

SyntaxCon 2016 will bring together developers, both established and new, to discuss ideas, collaborate, and explore best practices, new and emerging trends.


Interested in speaking? Submit a proposal.

The Venue

For 2016, SyntaxCon will be held at the College of Charleston North Campus, which is located at 3800 Paramount Drive North Charleston, SC 29405.

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