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Post-Conference Pointers and News!

Now that SyntaxCon 2017 is in your rearview mirror, don’t allow the new things learned or the connections you made to fall by the wayside.  Here are a few suggestions for continuing to leverage your SyntaxCon 2017 Experience.

Friendly Follow-up

While at the conference, you may have played (those green and white building blocks come to mind), collected business cards, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers.  Now it’s time to do something with them. It’s not too late (if you haven’t already done so), to reach out and keep those connections warm.

Be realistic! Follow-up with fellow attendees and speakers, who resonated with you for whatever reason, let them know you enjoyed meeting them.  Set up a phone/skype call, or face-to-face meeting with anyone you specifically want to do business or cement a relationship with.

Pay it Forward

Without a doubt, you gained a lot of new information, inspiration, and contacts at the conference, and one of the best things you can do with these resources is to share them with your co-workers, colleagues, and friends.

Be bold about sharing your SyntaxCon Experience and takeaways. Share links to slides of the sessions you thought were particularly valuable. Give a talk about something you learned at your next staff meeting, or community meetup; tell your boss/meetup attendees about some of the interesting contacts you made. Who knows, your boss or meetup organizer may feel led to bring one of your contacts in to share in your space.

If you share your new skills and knowledge, hopefully your colleagues will reciprocate the next time they go to a great event. Start a trend of sharing, why don’t you? That said, be sure to save the dates for SyntaxCon 2018 –  June 6 – 8, 2018.  We’re looking to level up our conference game, and this translates into more value for you!

The Initial 2018 Conference site is Live!

When you share your enthusiasm about SyntaxCon 2017, encourage your friends to subscribe on the 2018 site so that they’d be in the know once the information train on Syntax Conference 2018 starts picking up speed.

We’ve paid close attention to the feedback that we’ve been getting, and are already scheming to incorporate your suggestions to further elevate the 2018 version of Syntax Conference.

Note:  Our call for speakers opens on August 31, 2017.

Also, the first round of 2018 tickets goes on sale October 1, 2017.  You might want to pay attention here, because our Super Early Bird Tickets are priced to move, and there will be a limited number available.

Tips (with modifications) Courtesy Linked Article: Muse.com

About Syntax Conference

The Syntax Code & Craft Conference – more commonly referred to as ‘SyntaxCon’ – is Coastal South Carolina’s premier programmer’s code conference. The event is a full stack code conference focused on fostering ongoing education among the developer community, and offers language-agnostic sessions and talks across 3 main tracks:

  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Platforms (game development, content management systems, cloud-hosted services and infrastructure, mobile development, and more).

The event brings together developers, both established and new, to discuss ideas, collaborate, network, socialize and explore job opportunities.

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