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Syntax … On Taking a Break!

Curating and hosting Syntax Conference over the last three years (2016 to 2018) has been hard work fueled by our love of, and for, the web and related development industries. But, even when borne of love, labor eventually takes its toll, particularly with just a two-man organizing crew.

So, for a number of reasons which can be encapsulated in life, and circumstance changes, we’ve decided to take a step back to regroup, recharge, and consider next steps. That said, we will not be hosting Syntax Conference this year, and we’re uncertain as to when SyntaxCon will host its next developer community gathering.

We remain grateful for the support of our sponsors/partners, advisors, speakers, volunteers and most importantly our attendees. Thank you for allowing us to create a space conducive to learning; facilitate meaningful connections, all with a view to cementing this dynamic Developer Community.

This is not goodbye … we’re merely going on hiatus! In the interim, we wish you continued success in life, business, and relationships.

Keep Learning! Growing! Evolving!

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