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Speaker Spotlight – Michael Swieton

Getting to Know Michael Swieton

Michael Swieton takes his job as a Developer seriously – He views it as an opportunity to ‘tame the chaos’ by making software for the real, messy world.  As such, he spends his days writing code for mobile and desktop applications at Atomic Object, and tinkering with PID Controllers, all while fielding (and solving) problems both large and small.

Evenings and weekends, Michael devotes to a variety of interests.  His thirst for mental stimulation results in his tendency to ‘nerd out over abstract algebra’, haunt the annals of history, and delve into alternate realities presented in his favorite novels.

French Cuisine anyone?  Yup, you guessed it, Michael loves to cook! … and not just cook, but experiment with everything from modernist techniques to 1800s French cuisine.  Pair his cooking skills with his fascination with Whiskey?  Ooh la la!

With his foodie and whiskey tendencies in mind, it’s a good thing our recreational Chef has a penchant for exercise.  Over the years, Michael has been into cycling, running and mixed martial arts.  Currently, his energies are focused on Weight Lifting.

Other Information

This Spring, Michael will ease us into Thinking in SQL: Going beyond “find record 5” during his session for Syntax Code & Craft Convention.

SyntaxCon brings together over thirty-five talented developers from around the country who will share road-tested insights. This year’s schedule provides content across 4 main tracks, each with a specific focus:

  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Platforms (cloud-hosted services, gaming, content management systems, etc.)

Attendees can customize their personal agenda by choosing sessions with an aim to improve their craft, fulfill goals, and learn cutting edge trends and best practices in a relatively short time.

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