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Speaker Spotlight – Mike Astle

Mike Astle is a career software developer and software development manager with over two decades of varied industry experience.  His areas of technical expertise include search, free and open source (FOSS) software, system scalability, and internationalization. Mike’s more people-oriented skills include deep experience maintaining client relationships and building efficient software product development teams.

Somo is a top international agency building solutions for the connected world.  In his role there as a Solutions Architect, Mike designs and oversees the implementation of a wide variety of client projects including completely custom builds and enterprise-level integrations.

A native Charlestonian, Mike went out west to Caltech for college and then spent about a decade living and working in Europe.  He returned to The Lowcountry a few years ago and is happy to be home again living with his wife and 2 daughters.

Although he is living the agency life, Mike is a start-up guy at heart and is always looking for opportunities help new companies and the the infrastructure that supports them.  He is also interested in bringing new talent to the programming world and seeks opportunities to teach and mentor.

Other Information

This Spring, Mike will join us on to discuss How to Choose a Backend for your Mobile App during his session for Syntax Code & Craft Convention.

SyntaxCon brings together over thirty-five talented developers from around the country who will share road-tested insights.

This year’s schedule provides content across 4 main tracks, each with a specific focus:

  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Platforms (cloud-hosted services, gaming, content management systems, etc.)

Attendees can customize their personal agenda by choosing sessions with an aim to improve their craft, fulfill goals, and learn cutting edge trends and best practices in a relatively short time.

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